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Hand made Suede, Leather, Snakeskin and Sheepskin Goodies.

As you know I have been making individual designs in sheepskin, suede, leather and snakeskin for some time now and as online shopping is becoming so popular I decided to build a web site and offer my work for sale online.

This was a framed version of my web site built mainly for those of you who know me as think it is nicer to navigate as you retain all the main links in the frame at the top of each page. Unfortunately this format is not as search engine friendly as an unframed site and as I hope to gain traffic from the search engines one day I have had to build what I hope will be a search engine friendly site instead. I had hoped to maintain both sites but this doubles the work of keeping everything updated and growing so I will just retain the pages here as a newsletter to keep in touch with those of you who know me.

 So please visit DesignerLeathercraft.co.uk

I am still happy to take on some specialist repairs and alterations and will continue to work by appointment as well as from the web site. I am always very grateful to those of you who tell your friends and family about my work and would be really pleased if you would tell them about the web site as well.

Many thanks to all of you who support my work, I hope you enjoy browsing my virtual studio. I hope to have a guest book on the site soon but until then if you would like to let me have your e-mail address I will put you on my mailing list to receive details of new stock and special offers!

Thanks for visiting



Suede leather and snakeskin belts
Suede leather and sheepskin bags
Sheepskin scarves