I am delighted to say that Googlebot has found DesignerLeathercraft.  

Many of the search terms that people use to find my suede, leather, snakeskin and sheepskin clothing and accessories are now bringing DesignerLeathercraft up on the first few pages of the search results. I have already had orders and inquiries from the web!!!!!!!

In view of my success with DesignerLeathercraft  I am considering  trying a little web design for others.

When I decided I wanted a website I really hadnít got a clue except that I thought it would cost a lot! It doesnít have to!! With a value for money hosting package and the free software that comes with it from one of the best web hosts in the business you can build and control your own website very cheaply!

You no longer need to pay someone a small fortune to build it for you.

When I got my first computer in February 2004 I couldnít move a file in windows so if you already use a computer youíre half way there.